Sporting tournament for the Phiritona, Heilbron Community over Easter Weekend

As a way of contributing to the upliftment of the society, a super store based in the Fezile Dabi District is organising a sports tournament for the youth of Phiritona, Heilbron, during next month’s Easter Weekend.

To be hosted over three days from the 2nd to 5th April 2021, the tournament will be hosted by Mothepu Group Super Stores in collaboration with its partners, Stefane Agri. It will be for both soccer and netball sporting codes.

Mothepu Group Super Stores owns stores in Koppies and Sasolburg. It is set to open another store in Heilbron this coming Friday, the 19th of March 2021.

According to Mothepu Group Super Stores Spokesperson, Motsamai Stefane, the intention is to host the sporting tournament on continuous basis in order to harness the talent and put on the map the youth in areas where the Super Stores are based.

He said the Mothepu Group Super Stores call upon Phiritona Heilbron Community members to join hands in support of the tournament that is aimed at the development of the youth in the area.

“Both Mothepu Group and Stefane Agri met as partners in business after careful analysis; and considerations to address the community challenges by finally agreeing to petition a graceful helping hand to organize a soccer tournament (Football and Netball) in collaboration with the local teams through the leadership of Mr Tshepo Sekese including local SAFA Council.

“After careful analysis and introspection we felt the need to give back to the community of Heilbron as part of re-investment of their hard earned household income resources to our Super Stores it will be injustice not to return back to say “THANK YOU” Mothepu Group Super Stores we are doing business with you!” said Stefane

He added that through the upcoming tournament, they aim also to tackle social ills faced by the youth such as substance abuse, gangsterism and many others.

“It is in my blood as black child to live up to our African standards; and on how my parents raised and taught me that the child is raised by the community” Says the owner of Mothepu Group Super Stores: Mr. Piet Mothepu.

With their new store opening in Heilbron this Friday, Mothepu Group Super Stores is extending an invitation to the community to come do shopping and make savings on a variety of specials.

The store will be situated at number 1627/6 Kuape Street, Phiritona Heilbron.