Expect God to show up even in an unlikely situation

Pastor Matefu Mokoena

By Pastor Matefu Mokoena

There are times in the Bible when Jesus Christ showed up in unlikely situations and when those in distress least expected him.

He showed up when all hope was lost. He appeared when it was said “it’s over”. He showed up in the moments of terror, fear, pain, loss, sorrow, bereavement, dejection and loneliness.

When all hope was lost and his disciples where left dejected and terrified after his crucifixion he showed. With all doors locked in a certain house and Jesus’s disciples overwhelmed with terror, he just pitched up and spoke peace to them, John 20: 18 – 20.

The doors of that house were locked but He entered the house. Nothing can lock Him out of your life. Nothing can lock him out of your plans. Nothing can lock him out of your situation. Nothing can lock him out of your future and career. Nothing can lock him out of your worries, concerns, and fears.

In the moment of terror, loneliness, uncertainty and confusion among his disciples he showed up.

In John 11: 17 – 23, when it was declared it’s over with Lazarus. He pitched up and declared the opposite. He showed up when Lazarus was declared dead, and he declared him alive.

He brought the dead to life. He will also show up in your life and bring to life your dead hopes, aspirations, future and dreams. He will bring to life your dysfunctional family. He will turn dysfunctional to functional.

With Jesus Christ it is not over yet. You still have more life, power, future, dreams and energy in you.

In John 5: 1 – 6, he showed up to a man who had been living pain and sickness for 38 years. A lonely and disabled man by the pool of Bethesda. He just asked him “do you want to be well?”

This man was not only lonely, helpless, dejected and paralysed but he had missed out so many opportunities for healing because he had no one to assist him to enter the pool every time the Angel descended to stir up the water. Many sick people came to the pool and had their opportunities to be healed upon the stirring of water by the Angel, but he remained the same. For 38 years.

When it seemed unlikely that he will get help and receive healing, Jesus Christ showed up and immediately this man was healed.

It also seems dark, impossible, grim and unlikely in your case as well. Years have gone by and you still sick, you still without an income, you still drowning in debts, you still unemployed, still no peace and happiness in your marriage. It seems over with you.

Be as it may God is still the same God yesterday, today and forever. He still shows up in an unlikely situation. Expect Him.

In the midst of deaths that are wreaking havoc in your family, God will still show up. Expect him.

*Mokoena is the Pastor of Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, Batho Assembly in Bloemfontein. He writes in his personal capacity.