Settling for the second best pays off for a determined young lady

Today Musa Pru Machava from the Vaal owns
her own clothing label. Something she never dreamt of.

Her passion was in the beauty industry. It
was her dream and desire to own her own brand in cosmetics one day. However, when
this became far and unreachable, she looked for something else and settle for
the second best.

Today, she is the founder and the director
of B I Wear x Black Indian Clothing Brand.

Faced with a challenge of limited resources
like many other young people wishing to start something on their own, Musa
could let the situation deter her.

She threw her last cent to create her own
clothing brand originally targeting kids and toddlers.

Since then the B I Wear x Black Indian
Clothing Brand
has grown by the day and with interest from older people it
now caters for all age groups.

Musa said when things seem to be falling
apart and original dream fading, look on the other side as there might be an
opportunity waiting.

“It was difficult to let go of my original
dream of creating and owning my own cosmetic brand and when I took a shot
left  from my original dream I came
across an idea that brought me here today. Maybe, I could still have been stuck
if I didn’t look to the other side” she explained.

The thought behind the name of the brand
came from her nickname that was mainly inspired by her looks.

The brand offers various types of clothing
from T-shirts, caps, leggings and tracksuits. With orders coming in almost
daily for her brand, Musa is sure of reaching to her dream.

“My dream is to have a fully equipped
clothing store with every clothing item available, and in that way I know I
will be able to create employment and inspire other young women to reach for
their dreams, as I believe that success favor the fearless” concludes Musa.

B I Wear x Black Indian Clothing Brand can
be reached on the following platforms:

  • Instagram: B I wear
  • Facebook: B I wear
  • Facebook: Black Indian
  • Twitter: Musa Pru
  • WatsApp: 078 646 9720